Are you tired of reckless spending, rising taxes and negative growth?

Are you ready for a real plan, real results and a
real non partisan future?

Greg Kraut discussing ER Plan on CBS radio

Are you ready to fight for a Pro – Growth Connecticut?

“I am Greg Kraut and I want to ensure that CT continues to remain a highly sought after and desirable place for all of us to call home”

Meet Greg

We love living in CT and raising our two sons here. My unwavering mission is to ensure that CT continues to remain a highly sought after and desirable place for all of us to call home. Unfortunately the state’s financial crisis has exponentially increased my concern for our future. We need to have a stable and successful state, so all of our towns can properly grow. The good news is that the state is salvageable. Ironically, we are now in the fortunate position for a complete turn-around by utilizing the best practices of other states and leaving the worst practices behind.

Why this plan?

Most like to talk conceptually or with marketing jargon, its time to change the way we are approaching govt. We have tried to tax our way out for the last 25 years, we should now try something different. We need spending discipline and pro-growth reforms. These are always the best formula for reviving states and their budgets. We developed a three-phase plan to immediately generate at least $1B in non-taxpayer revenue, rethink our future, grow our economy, and bring back the surplus. All it requires is 4 things. 1) fresh pair of eyes 2) an open mind 3) gaining consensus and 4) common sense. The plan revolves around what is successful in other states and applying those best practices to CT. The same thinking that got us into this fiscal mess, can’t be used going forward. There is enough low hanging fruit to immediately stop the bleed, but we don’t have much time.

We must act now !

We have a limited time to turnaround the state, but with the right planning and action, we can do it. This plan will get it done. Please join the plan to protect our children’s future!

Plan to Revive Connecticut’s Economy

The same tired old thinking in Hartford is steering the state on a direct course to fiscal calamity. This plan will allow CT to Immediately generate at least $1B in non-taxpayer revenue, rethink our future, grow our economy, bring back the surplus and give our children the future they deserve


Phase 1 –

Generate Revenue

Stop the bleed without
raising taxes!

  1. Monetize State Owned Property
  2. Modernize Lottery
  3. Cash Prize Savings Accounts
  4. Unlock Unclaimed Money
  5. Centralized and  Controlled Privatization
  6. Cash In On Legalized Marijuana Money
  7. Freeze Spending And Hiring
  8. Unbind Arbitration
Phase 2

Rethink The Future

  1. Restructure State Employees’ Bargaining Agreement (SEBAC)
  2. Reduce State Income Tax
  3. Save Seniors With Savings
  4. Eliminate The Double Estate Tax
  5. Forgive Student Debt for Residence
  6. More Money for Towns
  7. Tomorrow’s Tourism
Phase 3 –

Revive And Grow
Our Economy

  1. Gaming For Education
  2. Recruit And Retain Businesses Effectively
  3. Educate Or Die
  4. Infrastructure Upgrade
  5. Fair Share From the Federal Government
  6. Deduct Property Taxes
  7. Rebalance Consumption Taxes


We created approximately 10,000 new high paying jobs that will provide the margin needed to properly run the state.

We restructured our SEBAC agreement which helped us grow.

We have a long term balanced budget where we can deliver on our obligations to our state workers.


Do all this and

CT is again the “go to destination”
in the Northeast